Wrestling off the Mat – Jake Herbert

Wrestling off the mat

Why I have dedicated myself to working with Fila and CPOW – to Keep Olympic Wrestling.

By Jake Herbert

Wrestling still has the spot for 2016. I have been blessed to do more than 99% of all wrestlers ever get to do. I am very happy with the chances I have gotten in life because of wresting. Now I am helping the people who gave me the raw deal at the Olympics. Why you ask? Not for them. Not for myself, but because of what wrestling has done for me, what it will do for our children, and who wresting has made me.


The children wrestling right now are our future leaders of the world tomorrow. Some may be the next Jordan Burroughs, others may become doctors, teachers, coaches, political activist, world leaders. They will become all these things because of the base skill set learned through wrestling. Wrestling saves lives, gives kids an outlet, and teaches more about hard work and taking pride in ones actions than any other sport. You are forced to learn what struggle and sacrifice is and how to deal with it when it overcomes you. You also feel that feeling unlike any other when that struggle and sacrifice rewards you with a victory.


Wrestlers make lifelong friends, get their mind and body pushed to the limit and beyond each practice. Because of this they grow they learn they believe that they can do anything. Take wrestling out of the Olympic games and you start to lose the number of kids who learn all these important life skill sets. Take away a child’s dream and the teaching of how to achieve those dreams and your left with a dark world. No child should ever be without dreams and goals. Children shouldn’t be told no you can’t but YES YOU CAN AND WILL.


As long as there is life there will be wrestling, as long as there is wrestling there will be light. The wrestling world has come together and we have already done through sport and the Olympic spirit what others cannot. Over 170 country’s are working together for one common dream one common goal that transcends, religion, race, gender, age, and nationalism. This is what the Olympics are about this is the proof that wrestling belongs. It’s why wrestling has been here since before man, and why it will still be around after we are all gone.


Show your support during May, World Wrestling Month. Go to an event, watch and event, support this great sport. Visit KeepOlympicWrestling.com Sign up, Donate. Let the world know you support this sport and all it does for people all over the world.

Show the IOC what sport you want vote for wrestling below


Yours in wrestling

Jake Herbert

2 thoughts on “Wrestling off the Mat – Jake Herbert

  1. Jake – your dedication and spirit should be commended. All of your reasons are excellent reasons for “Olympic” wrestling.

    However, your hearing may be offset by what wrestling has given you. When the IOC made a statement as to why wrestling was excluded from the 2020 games – the answer took the high road. It wasn’t critical of anyone or any actions. The IOC’s statement was a simple one – an answer that once you look beyond the surface it becomes crystal clear what needs to be done for wrestling to be considered for a provisional Olympic spot in 2020.

    The answer was ” its not a matter of what’s is wrong with wrestling its a matter of what’s right with the other sports that were included”…

    Here’s the translation – the sport is a fine sport – its an Olympic caliber sport – its the administration of the sport the IOC has a problem with.. Yes – The IOC has a BIG problem with wrestling’s leadership. In fact, when you look at Leadership’s actions over the last 3 Olympics (12 years) and take a close look, a person will come to realize the IOC executive board had no choice but to exclude wrestling.

    Frankly, until there are sweeping changes in wrestling’s leadership, wrestling will not be seriously considered for a provisional Olympic spot. Wrestling can do all the politicking in the world and they will be made to feel comfortable – then the vote will again exclude wrestling….. The current leadership ha lost the respect and trust of the IOC – something the current leadership will never be able to regain…
    Will the IOC members be cordial and act concerned – of course they will they hold the power…

    Let’s put the magnitude of losing the Olympics on a corporate scale with APPLE or any other major corporation. The Olympics equates to about half of a company’s net worth in relationship to its value to FILA and USA Wrestling. If the leadership of APPLE or any other company lost half its net worth in a matter of a few days and the leadership acted as shock at the event as wrestling’s leadership did, well how many would still be working for that corporation. NONE…. stockholders would be filing lawsuits left and right…

    Here’s the action wrestling took – everyone ( the people in the know and should have taken action) pointed a finger at one person – moved that person out of position but retained him on the leadership board.

    Then made a poster ” to wrestler is to be human” – really what does that mean – there’s a thousand things to do that is human – to eat is to be human – to cry is to be human – to ……

    This is why leadership must change – not a superficial change , not a let’s fool ’em change – a meaningful and effective change. Wholesale changes in the leadership – top to bottom cleansing of the sport’s administration.

    Personally, I’ve been shock there hasn’t been resignations…

    But Jake your answer to how to make wrestling an Olympic sport again – is new leadership…

    Sorry – but I write the painful truth…

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